We Did It!

Our Outdoor Changing Poncho is a Hit!

We had the idea, the passion and the product. All that was missing was the extra support to get our new brand and first product to market. So with that we launched our crowdfunding campaign. With a £10,000 target and four week deadline, VAAON and the Element Changing Poncho were introduced to the online world via Crowdfunder UK. Through social sharing, poncho pre-orders, networking and the support of the local community we successfully hit our target! And with that have been able to ramp up our poncho production & brand development. What does that mean for you? Well, our outdoor changing poncho will soon be available to buy directly online and in store. It will also be available with 3 different colours of cotton towel lining. And along with the windproof poncho, we will be introducing our second product - the Secco Towel Poncho.


Surfer wrapped in blanket outdoors

What's So Good About Our Outdoor Poncho?

Want to know what makes the VAAON Element Poncho different;

  • It's only £69.95 - competitvely priced compared to other brands
  • Water & wind resistant outer shell
  • Cotton towel lining lets you dry yourself while also keeping you warm
  • Extra wide sleeves make it easy to bring your arms in & out of the poncho to change comfortably beneath
  • Lightweight & compact compared to other brands

This is just the beginning for VAAON...

Join our journey and #BeInYourElement