Welcome to VAAON

Hello & welcome to the VAAON community. You've likely ended up here because like us you have a love of the outdoors, yet you're curious to know what we're all about.

VAAON Changing Poncho

Our kitesurfing sessions typically begin in a seaside car park or at the roadside or on the edge of the beach. Where there is wind we'll chase it! And after yet another blustery, cold & damp Irish day we decided that enough was enough and we needed a solution to our current outdoor changing setup. Having tried some of the market leading robes we still hadn't found the ideal solution to the challenge of outdoor changing. And with that, set about developing our own.


We needed a changing solution that would allow us to easily change beneath (hence our extra wide sleeves), protect us from the elements (wind proof & water resistant outer shell) and not only keep us warm but drying us after a session on the water (hence the cotton towel lining). And with that our first sample was developed in January 2019.


Since then we've come a long way in terms of product development. We tested, poked, prodded and tweaked our changing poncho following feedback from local kitesurfers, wakeboarders, windsurfers and water sport enthusiasts. And from that the VAAON Element was born!


This is only the start of our journey.

We hope you'll join us as we grow.