Who is a VAAON Changing Poncho For?

With a variety of outdoor drying robes and changing ponchos on the market it's hard to know which is the right solution for you. We wanted to highlight some of the key differences of the VAAON Element Changing Poncho so that you know you're making the right decision.

Do you spend time outdoors and need a quick, convenient changing solution?


Do you spend time outside and need protection from the elements, wind & rain?


Do you enjoy watersports but struggle changing beneath a towel and are left cold and wet at the waterside?

If any of the above sound familiar, then the VAAON Element Poncho could be the ideal solution for you. We've listed our top 5 reasons for you to #BeInYourElement


Top 5 Reasons to Own a VAAON Element Poncho

  1. This outdoor changing solution features a water and wind resistant outdoor shell. What does that mean? Well it will help to protect you from those damp, blustery days. Whether it's standing pitch side at a sports match, on the beach waiting to surf the waves or waiting for your turn to wakeboard.
  2. The Element Changing Poncho boasts a 100% cotton towel lining (currently available in 3 colours). Not only will the toweling help to keep you warm but it's dual function is to help dry you after any watersport. Imagine stepping off the water and changing out of your wetsuit beneath the poncho, without having to battle to keep your towel up. Bliss eh?
  3. We designed the VAAON poncho to have oversized arms to make it super easy to change in & out of your clothes beneath. We also realised that these oversized arms make it convenient to pull your arms inside the poncho on those really cold days!
  4. Our outdoor changing solution has been produced to allow for generous sizing. Added length, a large hood and full length, reversible zip that secures the poncho closed , all help protect your modesty. We reckon this makes for pretty convenient car park changing.
  5. And let's face it, price is a huge factor when you're considering something new. At £69.95 we believe that the VAAON Element is competitively priced

When to Use Your VAAON Changing Poncho

Not sure where to wear your VAAON Element Changing Poncho? The possibilities are endless. Trust us, we've even tested it during weekends away when the campfire just isn't warm enough!

Some suggestions include:

  • Car park, roadside or beach changing for kitesurfing, surfing and kayaking (to name but a few).
  • Waterside changing, comfort and warmth for open water swimming, sailing and SUP.
  • Wind protection while waiting to hit the cable or getting changed after your wakeboarding latest session.
  • Pitch side spectating for any outdoor sport. Think hockey, hurling, rugby, football. The list is endless...
  • Keeping you warm before, during or after your latest adrenaline inducing, outdoor adventure. Whether it's cycling, cross country, running or a triathlon.