The VAAON Story


Born from our love of the outdoors, the VAAON changing poncho is our take on luxury alfresco changing. As an eclectic group of adventure seeking, water junkies, we have discovered ourselves in all scenarios when it comes to open-air changing.  

Stand up paddle board on a lake amongst mountains.

After extensive research we determined that the market was missing a dual function, mid-range yet luxe changing robe. While there are a variety of towel, waterproof or fleece lined ponchos for sale, there isn’t a mid-priced water & wind resistant toweling robe currently available in the watersport and outdoor pursuit market. So voila! We introduce the VAAON Element changing poncho. 

What Does It Feature?
Designed by pro-riders and outdoor pursuit experts, the VAAON poncho aims to solve our customers’ pains. Having been put through its paces, vigorously tested, design enhanced & improved, we’re proud that it features;


  • Water & wind resistant outer shell – helping to keep you dry and warm while you change outdoors
  • Luxury, towel lining – not only retains heat but helps you dry off after any watersport adventure. Available in three colours; Royal Blue, Pinky Pink and the limited edition Deep Grey.
  • Oversized arms – allowing you to freely change in/out of a wetsuit or swimming gear all the while protecting your modesty
  • Reversible zip – ease of fastening poncho while changing underneath
  • Longer length – helps to cover the back of your legs when seated in a car meaning if you decide to ride home in your wetsuit with your poncho on, your car seats are protected.


This is just the beginning of our story. We have alot up our sleeves but in the meantime... #BeInYourElement

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